Become a Rep

Become a TaylorMade Rep Today! Are you looking for a fun way to make extra income? Do you want to take that much needed vacation but can't seem to fund it? Are your kids in college with mounting expenses? Could you use another revenue stream that could earn you an extra $500-$1,000 a month?

Become a TaylorMade Gems Sales Representative and make yourself additional income while selling quality, hand-crafted, guaranteed jewelry to your friends, family, co-workers and associates. We offer three affordable, amazing packages that range from $300-$1,000. You won't believe how much is included and you will easily see how you can make money. All of our packages include a jewelry kit, event supplies, order processing materials and a training guide to planning a successful party.

Book your own parties, on your own time and you can make anywhere from $300-$500 per party! What part time job can offer you that kind of daily income?And have fun connecting with other wonderful women while doing it.

Send us an email to, and we will schedule an initial consultation call to go over the details and best practices for becoming a representative.



Host a Party

Invite your friends!

Few things are better than a few hours of quality time with your good friends (and their good friends). And those times are even better when you can showcase your beautiful home adorned with displays of glittering TaylorMade Gems. 

You choose the date, invite your friends, and let TMG do the rest! We will elegantly display an array of different types and styles of our handcrafted jewelry for you and your guests to try on and make on-site purchases. Available as home or office parties. 

As a hostess, you will receive $100 credit to spend on TaylorMade Gems.

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